Flex-Ice koelelementen


Flexible Ice Packs

Welcome to Flex-Ice, the leading manufacturer of innovative and flexible cooling solutions in Western Europe. With our cutting-edge icepack, Flex-Ice™, we revolutionize the way temperature-sensitive products are transported and stored.

Flex-Ice™ cooling elements are designed to maintain the quality and freshness of perishable goods throughout their journey. Our unique cell structure ensures optimal flexibility, allowing you to customize the size of the elements according to your specific needs. Each Flex-Ice™ unit consists of a sheet of a top layer consisting of either plastic foil or an eco-friendly layer of kraft paper, a water-absorbent polymer, and a layer of water-permeable, non-woven fabric, providing unmatched cooling efficiency.

Our versatile Flex-Ice™ is suitable for a wide range of applications. It excels in the transport of fresh fish, meat, vegetables, fruit, and dairy products, ensuring that they arrive at their destination in optimal condition. It also offers precise temperature control for pharmaceutical products, ensuring their integrity and potency. Additionally, our cooling elements are trusted in the transport of delicate flowers, preserving their beauty and vitality. Furthermore, Flex-Ice™ is an excellent choice for treating (sports) injuries, offering instant relief when applied directly.

At Flex-Ice, we prioritize efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Unlike gel packs and solid cooling blocks, our Flex-Ice™ is supplied unfilled, resulting in transport and storage costs that are 30 times cheaper. To use Flex-Ice™, simply immerse the cooling element in water, freeze it, and it's ready to keep your products cool and fresh.

With our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, we produce millions of cooling elements annually. Our dedication to quality and reliability has made us the preferred choice for flexible cooling solutions in over 45 countries worldwide. Trust Flex-Ice to provide you with the highest standard of cooling technology, ensuring the integrity and quality of your temperature-sensitive products every step of the way.

Icepacks for a variety of sectors

The benefits of Flex-Ice Icepacks

  • Uniform cooling due to the enhanced insulation of the frozen gel mass.
  • Extremely flexible as a result of the product’s unique cell structure.
  • Flex-Ice is supplied unfilled, making transport and storage costs 30 times cheaper than those associated with gel packs and solid cooling blocks.
  • Flex-Ice absorbs its own condensation, ensuring your goods stay dry all the way through the supply-chain.
Flex-Ice icepacks in boxes ready for transport

Customised cooling power! 

Flex-Ice Icepacks can be supplied in boxes of individual sheets or rolls of sheets with tear-off perforations.