Impressive cooling power


Flex-Ice™ comprises a sheet of plastic foil, water-absorbent polymer and a layer of water-permeable, non-woven fabric. The plastic foil furnishes the cooling element with sufficient strength and durability. The water-absorbing polymer not only absorbs the water, but also retains it, even under pressure. The non-woven fabric has a capillary action, enabling the polymer to absorb water through the fabric. Flex-Ice™ consists of small cells, making it extremely flexible and allowing it to come into direct contact with the product that requires cooling. This flexibility additionally ensures effective incorporation into the packaging and efficient cooling. The frozen gel mass in Flex-Ice™ is well insulated by the laminate foil and non-woven fabric. This results in uniform cooling and prevents the risk of freeze damage. Flex-Ice™ also absorbs its own condensation, keeping your fresh products nice and dry.

Our most popular elements

14x20 cm   (6 cells) filled weight: 200 grams.
14x40 cm (12 cells) filled weight: 400 grams.
20x24 cm (12 cells) filled weight: 400 grams.
28x40 cm (24 cells) filled weight: 800 grams.

Other specifications:


Our standard foil comes in a white, unprinted design. However, we can supply printed, multi-coloured designs for large orders. We have also developed 3-ply Flex-Ice for cooling under extreme conditions, which features an additional layer of perforated blue film over the non-woven fabric. This makes the cooling element significantly stronger, demonstrably extends the cooling time and minimises the risk of the elements freezing together.


Flex-Ice™ flexible cooling elements are available in 3 cell sizes:
Standard: 7 x 7 cm (filled: 33 grams)
Dual: 7 x 14 cm (filled: 95 grams)
Large: 10 x 14 cm (filled: 225 grams)


Flex-Ice™ can also be supplied in rolls. In this case, the elements can be torn loose at the tear-off perforation lines. Individual elements can, likewise, be supplied with tear-off perforation lines. This enables you to add exactly the right amount of ice to your product, without needing to keep multiple sizes of cooling element in stock.

“Migration testing on Flex-Ice complies with the requirements of Regulation (EU) No 10/2011 (including amendments) pertaining to plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with food. Intertek Test Report RE33069A, dated 13 November, 2020.“