Frequently Asked Questions
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How do I use Flex-Ice cooling elements? (instructions)
To fill your Flex-Ice flexible cooling elements, simply immerse in water for 10 minutes and allow to dry for a few minutes before placing in a freezer for 12 hours. Placing the fabric side on the plastic side of the upper element prevents the elements from freezing together. Remove the elements from the freezer approximately 15 minutes prior to use.

How do the cooling properties of Flex-Ice work?
The highly-absorbent granules absorb and retain the water, affording it a gel-like structure. Once frozen, cooling is released from the entire mass and not just the surface. The laminate foil and non-woven fabric provide additional insulation to enhance the uniformity of the cold release. 

What makes Flex-Ice so unique in comparison to other cooling products?
In frozen state, Flex-Ice is significantly more flexible than gel packs or cooling plates, making fresh products easier to package. The cold release is also considerably more constant, for an improved shelf life. Flex-Ice absorbs its own condensation, ensuring that packaging and fresh products remain dry and bacteria/fungi-free. Above all, Flex-Ice is extremely efficient: water is universally available, so why add it during the manufacturing process and subsequently transport all those extra kilos at significant extra cost?

Which type of Flex-Ice best suits my application?
The main criteria include the desired temperature of the product concerned, the outside temperature, the dimensions and insulation value of the packaging, and the time factor. We provide solutions featuring one of our 3 cell sizes for every combination of the aforementioned criteria. Together, we can examine which of our products best matches your requirements.

What are the benefits of 3-ply Flex-Ice?
The additional layer of perforated foil that we apply to this particular product ensures that the element is significantly less moist at the time of freezing. This prevents the elements from freezing together, which ultimately benefits the processing speed.

What happens if the cooling element melts?
The cooling element doesn't actually melt. Rather, it defrosts once it reaches the ambient temperature. In this case, the highly absorbent granules still retain the water and prevent it from escaping the element. The element can only empty via evaporation.

Can I reuse Flex-Ice?
Yes, you can. You can immediately refreeze an element once it has defrosted. The water will slowly evaporate, but you can readily refill the element by immersing it back in water.

What are the highly-absorbent granules made of?
The granules are a combination of salt and polymer. The same granules are used in diapers and hygiene products, and are completely safe, even if swallowed.

How is Flex-Ice packaged?
Flex-Ice is typically packaged in boxes measuring 40x40x40 cm. A full pallet comprises 30 boxes on a standard European (EPAL) pallet. We also offer smaller packaging in boxes measuring 31x23x14 cm.

How can a partnership with Flex-Pack B.V. benefit my company?
We put you directly in touch with our product specialists who each boast a wealth of industry experience. As a manufacturer, Flex-Pack can directly inform you about which products best match your requirements, what we currently have in stock and when your order will be fulfilled. We can also keep you up to date on Flex-Pack product innovations and the latest market developments. As the only manufacturer of flexible cooling elements in the Netherlands and a European leader, we are proven experts in the field.

What are your delivery times?
We keep the 5 most popular sizes of our standard 7x7 cm and large 10x14 cm cells in stock. All other sizes are manufactured upon request. The average delivery time for such products is +/- 2 weeks. Our dual cell element has a longer delivery time.

Can I also collect my order?
Yes, you can. Please check the opening hours specified on our “Contact” page.