Ice packs for sport injuries sportblessures

Sports clubs, physiotherapists and gyms should always maintain a sufficient stock of ice-packs. Indeed, athletes frequently suffer injuries and subsequently require the application of a cooling pad to reduce swelling and combat pain. Physiotherapists typically prescribe cooling agents to treat inflammation.

Flex-Ice™ comprises small, 7x7 cm cells, making it extremely flexible and easy to apply to the treatment area. “Patients” often end up taking their ice-packs home with them, thus cost is a key reason for choosing Flex-Ice.

We supply Flex-Ice™ in boxes containing 250 cooling elements for a unit price that is demonstrably cheaper than gel packs from drugstores or pharmacies.

The filled elements can also be heated in the microwave, enabling Flex-Ice™ to be used as a “hot pack.”

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  • Dimensions 140 x 200 mm
  • Weight 200 gram
  • Quantity 250 sheets per box
  • Color- white
  • Price includes transport and VAT.
€ 50,00